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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Green screen and iMovie Tutorial

Hi again!

I recently decided to try out a HOME MADE green screen. I bought  2mts of green fabric to hang on my classroom's wall and recorded a video using them.

The product was amazing!

iMovie does all the work for you, it even has an option for you to just OVERLAP VIDEOS OR PICTURES.

This is very easy to do. Just follow this steps.

1.- Record using a Green Screen. It is very important that the objects or people you are recording are not wearing anything green.
2.- Download a video you would like to use as a background.
3.-Open iMovie.
4.- Import your green screen video and background video.
            File- Import Media- Select your file(s).
6.- Drag and drop your GREEN SCREEN VIDEO in the first row.
7.- Drag and drop your BACKGROUND VIDEO in the second row.
8.- Select your GREEN SCREEN VIDEO from the first row and on the upper part of the "preview screen" there is a button that has 2 squares being overlap. Click and choose GREEN SCREEN from the drop down menu  and VOILÁ!!!!!!!!!!!!

My next project will definitely include a Green Screen element!!!!!!

Here is the final product:

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