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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ancient Egypt- Canopic Jars!- 6th grade

For the unit about Ancient Egypt, we learned about traditions and rituals performed by Egyptians.

We watch a Youtube video about Ancient Egypt and as a classwork they answered some questions

1: Where did the ancient Egyptian civilisation thrived ?
2.- How do we know this civilisation existed?  Name the geographic feature that reminds us about it.
3.- What was a pharaoh? What were some beliefs the Egyptians had about them?
4.- Why did Egyptians built pyramids? (Purpose)
5.-Describe the belief of “afterlife”.
6.- Define “embalming”.
7.-What organ was the fountain of life? (hint: this organ was not removed from the body)
8.- Describe the sarcophagus. (How did it look like?)
9.- Name of the letters or writing system of ancient Egyptians:__________________
10.-Name of the paper they invented:_______________
11.- List some of the gods they had.
12.- List important facts about Egyptians

As a "Wrap-up" activity I usually have the students create something. This is, involving art and crafts.

This time we made CANOPIC JARS using  a Pringles can!

Canopic jars were used by the Ancient Egyptians during the mummification process to store and preserve the viscera of their owner for the afterlife. They were commonly either carved from limestone or were made of pottery.

Pringles can
glue and water
plastic container ( to mix water with glue )
paint brushes
2 clay bars (brown color)
acrylic paint ( gold, silver, red, yellow, blue, brown and black)
1 small foam cup

Add glue and pour some water to a plastic container ( more glue than water) and mix.
Cover the Pringles can with newspaper using the glue mixture. Let it dry.
In the meantime, using the clay bars make the shape of the head of the canopic jar.
Take the foam cup and cut it in half. The half of the cup that has the bottom part is going to be used as the base of the head. Paste the foam cup and the Pringles can with some masking tape.
After you have done this, cover the foam cup with a thin layer of clay and shape the head on top. 
Cover the head with newspaper and glue mixture and let it dry.
Once it is all dry, start painting your Canopic Jar!!!!!

These were my class's  creations!

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