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Monday, November 9, 2015

5 Themes of Geo song- 6th grade

Hello again!!!!

I have lots of assignments, and pretend to document everything!!!
Well,  for my 6th graders I designed a project that included TECHNOLOGY!!!!!
 I love TECHNOLOGY and especially  if I can create new content and knowledge with it.

So..... The activity I used technology with involved creating a SONG ABOUT THE 5 THEMES OF GEOGRAPHY or the LAYER OF THE EARTH.

This activity took around 2 weeks since students were only working during my class.

I created a rubric and a checklist with all the items to include.

The results were amazing!  Students had lots of fun, and now remember what these topics are about by singing a song.

The activity consisted of changing the lyrics of a song to words and concepts related to either the 5 themes of Geo or the Layers of the Earth.

After changing the lyrics, they had to record a video of themselves singing or showing such concepts. Subtitles were added to the video just like a "sing a- long" version.
The lyrics were turned in printed with their grading rubric.

Here you can see some pictures about this activity.



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