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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Tutorial Videos- Mindmup + Google Docs


Working with tutorial videos is a great way to FLiP CLASSROOM and also to reinforce instructions.

When it comes to work with technology, sometimes it is hard to explain and walk students through this process.  That's why I decided to create TUTORIAL VIDEOS explaining how to use a specific tool or Google ADD ON!

I found this very helpful and students' feedback is great!! They love it, because it is easy to follow and everybody learns and follow steps at their own pace!!!!

Here are some tutorial videos I created!!

Also, MINDMUP is a great tool to work with when students have to create mental maps. The cool thing about this tool is that every document could be added to DRIVE. It is also and ADD-ON feature, which  I believe that works great!

It is truly amazing how many add-ons Google Drive has! I encourage teachers to play and try them out!

This is my TUTORIAL VIDEO FOR MINDMUP!  Hope you like it and find it useful!

Since I teach Social Studies I work A LOT with Google Docs! I really love this tool!!!
Working with the unit: ELEMENTS OF A MAP, I asked the students to add a map to their Google Doc and label it using text boxes.

Here is how to add the labels.


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